Thursday, May 15, 2008

Penn Gold

Name- Penn Gold
Brewer- Pennsylvania Brewing Company
Country- United States
Type- Lager
Alcohol Content- 4%
Summary - Moderately carbonated, and with a light golden hue. Taste firmly on the center of the tongue, but smooth and not punctuated. Not very hoppy at all, and with good barley accent. A good example of a decent American Lager, despite the it's own billing as a chip off the old Munich Helles Biergarten style.

While the bottle suggests it's inspiration is modeled after the "beer you'll find at the Biergartens in Munich" I feel that it can stand on it's own, with it's own unique character- strong, but certainly nowhere near overpowering. To me, a decent lager will retain remnants of frothiness at the top long after the head has dissipated, and this one distinctly shows that characteristic. The interesting thing to note is that they have only been in the business since 1986, a relative newcomer- that's great that they can produce a beer as fine as this in that period of time. The bad thing is that it's 2008, and my bottles still read "Celebrating 20 Years"... hmmm... it still tastes good, regardless. While this seems like a good candidate to drink after a long day's toil, I personally find it most enjoyable after dinner, over a good book.

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