Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Name- Mackeson Triple Stout
Brewer- Inbev
Country- UK
Type- Milk Stout
Alcohol Content- 4.9%
Summary - Subtle, yet complex stout. All the expected characteristics of a good stout without overdoing it. Equal amounts of a little chocolate and a little coffee with an overall blanket of roasted malt flavor. Not overbearing nor too heavy. A creamy stout but a brownish, non-creamy head. Wonderful roasted malt aroma. Is that hint of caramel/molasses I detect?

After my negative critique of Old Rasputin I was eager to showcase a stout that I feel delivers. Too often stouts lean on their thickness or high ABV. Not Mackeson. In fact, I have often drank stouts that I feel I had to work through, thinking, "At least with the higher alcohol content I won't have to drink so many of these." But with Mackeson, I can slowly savor the taste and almost forget I'm drinking a "stout" and yet there is no mistaking it is one. It is a creamy and subtle brew that lets you discover it's character rather than hitting you in the face with it. If I had to get really artsy about the description, I'd say that the roasted maltiness anchors the beer while it's flanked equally by coffee and chocolate flavor.

Brewed in the UK, Caribbean, and the US by InBev, it has an exceptionally high quality normally found at a smaller singular brewery like Samuel Smith's line. If you are looking to try a stout for the first time (for real, not like having a Guinness because you're at an Irish pub or your friends are egging you on), this is your stout. Drink it slowly, not because it's heavy, but because the flavor will attach itself to your tongue and linger in a good way until that next sip. I liken it to good chocolate- if you gobble it down you'll miss out on how wonderful it is. I've read others' reviews that make note of the sweetness- I don't find it sweet at all.